Choosing The Right Coloured Blind

The installation of window coverings is as much about getting the colour right as it is about creating an atmosphere. With that said, you need to factor in how the shape, style and colours will complement the existing décor in the room or office. It’s something we spend a lot of time on when we’re fitting window blinds in Essex for our customers.

The right colour and style of window blinds is crucial, but so is the simplicity. They should be welcoming and easy on the eyes. Furthermore, you need to be comfortable with how they look in your space because they’ll complement the rest of your home.

Here are a few upgrades you can make to your home or office space with the use of window blinds. You’ll want to make sure they’re compatible with the look and feel of the room and can be an overall asset.

A Contemporary Feel

If you have a modern, contemporary styled room, then you should look for bold and vibrant colours. They will fit the existing feel to the space and make it more of a complete look. We offer a range of high quality window blinds that come in 17 different colours. What’s more, you have the option to personalise your choice with a bold colour if you go for textured blinds.

Making The Room Brighter

To increase the brightness and a softer look to a room you should choose lighter colours. White or cream window blinds will lighten up the space while at the same time adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

White or light colours make a room look larger and airier. These colours also convey warmth and give off a more inviting atmosphere. With a wide range of colours available, affordable prices and minimal installation time, window blinds are the perfect way to spruce up any room. Installed in less than an hour without the need for any tools or screwdrivers, they can transform your space with an instant makeover that won’t bust the budget.

Creating A Focal Point

You can make a living room’s window the focal point by choosing curtains in the right colours. Try to pick colours that match the existing décor, so everything ties together nicely. The window blind colours you choose should catch your eye as soon as you enter the room.

Matching Colours With Existing Décor

If you have a more “country” style home, earthy colours may make more sense. If your existing décor is edgier and contemporary, brighter colours might work better. That way you stay in keeping with an existing feel without mixing things up.

Match The Colour of Your Curtains

When you match window shades with your curtains, it can help make a room look a lot more aesthetically-pleasing. This is because the shades can compliment each other – they could be lighter or darker in colour, and this will have little impact on the overall appearance of the room.

You can coordinate the window blind colour with your furniture – this will create a balance in the room, tying all of your furniture together fo a cohesive look.

Matching The Wall Colours

When picking your window blinds, it’s important to choose a shade darker or lighter than the colour of your walls. Alternatively, you can opt for dramatic contrast between wall colours and window blinds, which looks great in light.

Best Colours for Kitchens

If you want a modern feel to your kitchen, one thing you might want to keep in mind is the colour of your window blinds. Keeping with the neutral-coloured furniture and appliances, choosing a bright solid colour will pull together all the items without feeling too busy.

It is best to choose faux wood window blinds rather than real wooden blinds for kitchens because they can handle the heat better.

Best Colours for Conservatories

When thinking about which colour to get your conservatory blinds, you need to consider how hot they’ll be during the summer. If you pick a darker shade, the panels will trap more heat and make your conservatory hotter. Paint your conservatory using lighter colours to keep it cooler during the hot summer months.

Expert Help

One of the things to consider when choosing your window blind colour is personal choice– there really aren’t any unbreakable rules. But if you want to create that wow-factor that designers know best, it’s best to stick with colours you love! Choose the perfect designs and colours to coincide with your décor, whether it’s in a kitchen or any other room in your house. The right window blind colours will always be safe bet for an all-important finishing touch.